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Schedule your mediation! Call us or book an appointment using our online calendar.  Weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience.

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You and your spouse meet at our office for 3-4 hours. We help you identify the issues and assist you in negogiating a marital settlement agreement that benefits everyone involved.

And Three. You're done

We help you prepare the required court forms and then you are ready to file an uncontested divorce avoiding the expensive and sometimes destructive attorney driven process.

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Welcome to Gainesville Divorce Mediation and Court Forms

Our process can assist couples who want to save time and money. The mediator will help the parties divide their assets and debts and if children are involved, help them create a parenting plan, timesharing schedule and calculate child support.  At the end of the session, we will prepare the parties mediated settlement agreement.  In addition, we can help fill-in the required court forms so that your case is ready to file with the court.  The end result will enable the parties to file an uncontested divorce avoiding the expensive and destructive traditional divorce. 

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